Staff Correspondent

MANGALORE: "The Roll of the Role" and "Where's the Road?" short documentaries made by journalism students of St. Aloysius College here have won the first and second prizes at `Campen', a media fest organised by the CMR Institute of Media Studies in Bangalore on Tuesday. "Campen" had many media competitions spread over two days.

Seven colleges from across the country participated in the film competition category. "Roll of the Role" deals with the vanishing of traditional games such as "Channe Mane," "Kunte Bille" and "Lagori.

"Modern entertainment technologies like television and computer games have rolled into their role" is the bottom line.

"Where's the road?" is a satire on the condition of roads in Mangalore.

The six-minute documentary was made by Arron Menezes and Sandhya D'Souza, in association with Dale Correa and Tanvi Narvekar of Xavier's College, Goa, during the National Documentary Film Making Workshop in October 2006.