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District may become part of Mysore West LS constituency

State Election Commission approves demarcation

Madikeri, Virajpet segments remain in the district

Madikeri: Kodagu district will have only two Assembly constituencies as per the recommendations of the Delimitation Commission of India headed by Kuldip Singh.

With this, the whimpers of protests raised by a few elected representatives and organisations to retain three Assembly segments have waned as the district loses one Assembly constituency in the delimitation exercise. The State Election Commission has approved the demarcation of the boundaries of the new constituencies proposed by the district administration, Assistant Commissioner, Akram Pasha, told The Hindu.

The previous delimitation exercise was done on 1972 in which three segments were retained. The next delimitation exercise would come up in 2040, he said.

Only Madikeri and Virajpet Assembly constituencies would remain as per the new arrangement as Somwarpet constituency loses its existence in the new exercise.

The State Election Commission has asked district administrations in the State to demarcate the new boundaries of the constituencies, provide information on the electoral list and identify the number of polling parts (each part could have one or more polling booths).

In all, the fresh electoral draft list, submitted to the State Election Commission for approval, has 3,59,512 voters in the two constituencies. As many as 448 voter parts have been identified as well, 237 in Virajpet and 211 in Madikeri, Mr. Pasha said.


Madikeri Assembly constituency would now consist of the entire previous Madikeri Assembly segment, Madikeri City Municipal Council (CMC) area, town panchayats of Somwarpet and Kushalnagar and the entire rural areas of the Somwarpet taluk.

As many as 157 villages, 47 urban local wards would come under the new constituency.

There are 1,40,004 voters in the rural areas of Somwarpet taluk, 4,111 voters in the Somwarpet town panchayat limits, 9,305 in the Kushalnagar town panchayat limits, 20,450 in the Madikeri CMC limits for a total of 1,73,870.


In this segment the whole areas that are part of the Virajpet constituency, Virajpet town panchayat, Sampaje, Bhagamandala and Napoklu hoblis, which were earlier with Madikeri taluk, are included.

As many as 94 villages in Virajpet rural, 45 villages from the three hoblis of Napoklu, Bhagamandala and Sampaje, 14 wards in the Virajpet town panchayats are in this segment, which has 237 voter parts.

As far as voters are concerned, Virajpet rural area has 1,24,338, and the three hoblis of Madikeri taluk, now included in Virajpet segment, have 49,982.

There are 11,322 voters in the Virajpet town panchayat for a total of 1,85,642 voters, Mr. Pasha said.

With the whittling down of one Assembly segment, Virajpet constituency, which, hitherto, was reserved for the Scheduled Tribes group, has been converted into a General segment.

Virajpet was the only other Scheduled Tribes constituency in the entire State, the other being Gokak, reserved for the Scheduled Tribes group.

Mr. Pasha said the district administration had not taken up the issue of the Lok Sabha constituency as far as Kodagu was concerned. Kodagu would go with Mysore West constituency from Mangalore and that issue would be dealt with later, he said.