I.B. Ashok Kumar Shetty, president of the district unit of Karantaka Janata Party (KJP), said on Saturday that internal feuds in the Congress had made the administrative machinery inactive in the State.

Addressing presspersons here, Mr. Shetty said the State government was following anti-people policies. Many pro-people policies started by the B.S. Yeddyurappa government such as Sandhya Suraksha were not being implemented properly. There was massive corruption in the Congress government. The inertia in the government meant that farmers, workers, students, women, and people belonging to weaker sections of the society could not take advantage of the welfare schemes.

Though the government announced that loans of farmers upto Rs. 25,000 would be waived, it had not released Rs. 1.519 crore to the Apex Bank. With the result, eight lakh farmers had not been able to take the benefit of the loan waiver scheme. Farmers in the State, who should have received Rs. 126 crore under the crop insurance scheme, had been left high and dry as the government had not paid its share of Rs. 56 crore as premium. The State unit of KJP would hold a mega rally in Hubli on October 17 focusing all these issues, he said.

  • The State unit of KJP will hold a rally in Hubli on October 17

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