Vasantha Kamath has been on leave following Lad’s outburst

Following district in-charge Minister Santosh Lad’s outburst against medical officers of the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) on Saturday, KIMS director Vasantha Kamath has taken an appointment with Minister of State for Medical Education Sharanprakash Patil to explain her stand.

The director had taken leave after Mr. Lad expressed displeasure over the lack of cleanliness in KIMS Hospital wards and reportedly took the medical officer and director to task.

Subsequently, Dr. Kamath had expressed her willingness to resign.

On Saturday night, the Minister met the medical, paramedical and group C and D staff of KIMS and told them that he had no intention to change the director.

Dr. Kamath was hurt by the charge Minister’s remarks and had told her colleagues that she would put in her papers.

However, members of the Medical Teachers’ Association of KIMS had asked her not to take a hasty decision. Now, Dr. Kamath has taken an appointment with Mr. Patil on Wednesday.

A senior colleague of Dr. Kamath’s, who spoke to The Hindu on condition of anonymity, said the director had sought an appointment with the Minister to present before him the steps she had taken to develop KIMS Hospital in the last two years.

“She is committed to continuing in her position and work for the improvement of KIMS, provided there is no unwarranted intervention by those running the government,” the doctor said.

Dr. Kamath is likely to take a decision on continuing in the post based on the outcome of her meeting with Mr. Patil.