The police have claimed to have solved the kidnapping case of nine-year-old Nishant B. Nirade, who was released on September 13, with the arrest of a seven-member gang, near Shahabad in Chittapur taluk of the district, on Wednesday.

Superintendent of Police Amit Singh told presspersons here on Wednesday that one more person was absconding and that police teams had been despatched to find him. He gave the names of the arrested as Ashok Yekmanchi, Sunil Itagikar, Sanjeevn Chavan, Sharanabasappa Naikodi, Mahish Parit, Sunil Bandi and Shivaputra Talkeri, the driver of the four-wheeler used for the kidnapping. The police are on the lookout for Sudhakar.

Mr. Singh said that all the accused hailed from Gulbarga city and two of them were the boy’s neighbours. The breakthrough in the case came after the boy said that two of the accused were residents of the same colony where he lived.

Police personnel in plainclothes kept a vigil in the area and finally arrested the gang. Mr. Singh said that the brains behind the kidnapping were Sunil Bandi and Sudhakar who had planned the kidnapped with the intention of making money to maintain their opulent lifestyle.

He said that some of the accused had been involved in a few chain-snatching cases, but they wanted to hit the jackpot by demanding a ransom of Rs. 10 lakh. He said the boy was not taken outside Gulbarga city as was believed earlier. He was kept in Sunil’s house near Chor Gumbuz. The gang members released the boy on Friday after police stepped up patrolling on Thursday, the day he was kidnapped, and established check-points.

Mr. Singh said that Sunil, who was suffering from some diseases complained of discomfort after the arrest, and had been admitted to the government general hospital.

One person is absconding; police teams are on the lookout for him