The police arrested a 19-year-old youth, Dharani, on the charge of kidnapping a girl and demanding ransom from her father here on Tuesday night.

The girl, aged five, who was playing in front of her house in Sharadadevinagar was kidnapped at around 5.30 p.m., the police said.

The accused then called from his mobile phone the father of the girl, Chenne Gowda, at around 7 p.m. and demanded a ransom of Rs. 25 lakh. Then, Dharani reached their house and feigned shocked after “hearing about the kidnap”, the police said. The police who found that the voice of Dharani resembled that of the kidnapper’s went to his rented house in Siddalingaiahanapalya for a search, and found the girl locked in a room there. The police rescued the girl and arrested the accused. Dharani was working as an assistant to the girl’s mother Jyothi, they said.