The Union Labour and Employment Minister M. Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday spoke in defence of Governor H.R. Bhardwaj and said Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa has no moral right to continue in government after the Supreme Court set aside the disqualification of the 16 MLAs and passed severe strictures against him and Speaker K.G. Bopaiah.

Addressing a press conference in Gulbarga on Tuesday, Mr. Kharge said the Supreme Court verdict was vindication enough for the Governor's actions.He said right from the day the BJP began governing the State, all democratic principles were subverted. In their zeal to get a majority in the Assembly, the BJP threw to winds the principles of democracy by openly poaching MLAs from Opposition parties and forcing byelections after byelections on the people of the State. “The people have been mute witnesses to the illegal means and ways of the BJP to manipulate democracy to get majority,” he said.

Asked whether there was any difference among the Union Ministers over the Governor's report, Mr. Kharge said the report had not been placed before the Cabinet. How can there be any difference among Cabinet Ministers when the report has not been placed and discussed, he asked. The report would be first placed before the political affairs committee and later brought before the Cabinet.

To another question, Mr. Kharge said the usual Cabinet meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday and the report of the Governor may be presented on that day or a day prior if the Government decides to convene a special Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. On the parading of BJP MLAs before the President, Mr. Kharge said it was another act of desperation to save the Government.