This is being done as the shows have been booked for 10 years

After the tatkal bookings for trains and darshan in noted temples, now it will be a tatkal booking for Yakshagana.

The government-managed Durgaparameshwari temple at Kateel has proposed to introduce tatkal booking for Yakshagana shows staged by the temple troupe Durgaparameshwari Yakshagana Dashavatara Mandali from this season which begins next month.

Temple administrator Harish Kumar K. told The Hindu that the booking and payment would have to be made on-line through the website of the temple.

The next executive committee of the temple would decide on the number of shows for booking and the date of beginning of the booking.

Mr. Kumar, who is the Commissioner of Mangalore City Corporation, said that there would be higher fee for tatkal booking.

The revenue would be used for promoting Yakshagana either by opening a school of Yakshagana or by extending financial support to the youth who serve as professional Yakshagana artistes with five troupes of the temple.

The website of the temple,, said that the first Yakshagana mela of the temple was started in the 19th century. Now it had five troupes.

The troupes perform on request by devotees who have taken a vow (Harake) to arrange a show of Yakshagana for fulfilment of a desire or as a service.

The temple sources said that the five troupes staged 950 shows in a season.

Of these, 450 were permanent shows arranged by devotees as a service (and not as a Harake) booked before 2000, they said.

The temple removed this option (booking a show as permanent to be performed every year) after 2000. It meant that the troupes could perform 500 shows in a season as Harake shows.

Now, about 8,000 Yakshagana shows have been booked by devotees as Harake shows.

For various unforeseen reasons, all the 500 Harake shows could not be performed in a year.

The pace of bookings for Harake Yakshagana in recent years remained the same.

Hence, it required more than a decade to perform all Harake shows booked.

The website said: “All performances for the next 10 years are fully booked.”

Mr. Kumar made it clear that the proposed tatkal booking was not to clear the backlog.

It was to ensure that of those who made fresh Harake bookings, all need not wait for a decade to fulfil their vow.

  • Tatkal booking will be done at a premium

  • Revenue to be used for promoting Yakshagana