Pramod Kumar, Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery and a Burns Care Specialist at Kasturba Hospital, has said that the safe celebration of Deepavali calls for vigilance on the part of those who like to light firecrackers and lamps to mark the festival.

M. Dayananda, Medical Superintendent of Kasturba Hospital, said that a 24-Hour Emergency Hotline number 2575555 would be operational at the Kasturba Hospital, the release added.


In a press release issued here on Thursday, Dr. Kumar suggested a few guidelines to celebrate a safe Deepavali.

While burning firecrackers, wear close-fitting cotton clothes

Keep a first aid box, a bucket of water and a wet towel handy

Keep the regulators of LPG cylinders turned off and do not keep the cylinders in balconies or open spaces, to ensure they remain protected from stray rockets

Children should burn firecrackers under the supervision of elders

Light crackers at an arm’s length. Crackers should never be ignited while in one’s hand. Children may want to show off, but it dangerous and entails very high risk

Flower-pot crackers should be ignited using an incense stick or a sparkler at a safe distance

Half-burnt crackers should either be doused in water or sand

Wear cotton garments rather than those made of silk and polyester fibres

If a person’s clothes catch fire, he should be asked to roll on the ground or wrapped in a blanket to put out the fire, also the person can be hosed

Do not panic if blisters appear on the skin, as this is an indication that the injury is superficial and will heal

Do not allow the person to run around as air fans the flames and worsens the burns

Get the person out of closed spaces and into the open

Pour clean water over burned parts

In the case of serious burns, do not remove the clothing as some of it may stick to the body. Instead, just wrap the patient in clean clothes and seek help

Keep the burned parts higher than the rest of the body

Rush to a hospital with a burns-care facility and a specialist