Insisting on an “amicable and easy” solution to the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, Director of the Jammu Kashmir Study Group Arun Kumar said awareness, consensus and will was the need of the hour.

Delivering a talk on ‘Jammu - Kashmir (An insider’s perspective): Challenges and solutions’, Mr. Kumar said contrary to popular perception in the rest of India, only five districts – all in the Kashmir Valley – bore separatist groups, while the remaining 17 districts in Jammu and Ladakh territories were nationalist, that is supporting the cause of integration with the country.

“The conflict is between separatists and nationalists. And instead of portraying it as J&K vs. India, we should include the voices of Ladakh and Jammu in this,” he said. He said, the discourse should not be about the issues of the Kashmir, but about the voices in Pakistan-occupied and China-occupied regions.