Top leaders of the CPI(M), including general secretary Prakash Karat and social activists who had been in the frontline of campaign against attacks on minorities in Gujarat, would be in the city on Saturday to participate in a national workshop arranged on the occasion of the release of the magazine, Mukhyadhara, being brought out by CPI(M).

Khudbuddin Anasari, a victim of the violence that rocked Gujarat, would receive the first copy of Mukhyadhara magazine from Prakash Karat. Historian K. N. Panikkar, author P. Vatsala and K. T. Jalel, editor of Mukhyadhara, would speak.

The national seminar would focus on how minorities could protect their cultural identity and constitutional rights even in the face of challenges thrown up by ‘Modism’ and globalisation. Mukthar Muhammed representing Centre for Justice which is campaigning for justice for victims of Gujarat riots is also a speaker at the programme.

Shabnam Hashmi would inaugurate the national seminar on “minorities, secularism and communal fascism” and speak on “challenges before the nation in the post-Gujarat riot days”.

It would be followed by talks on “Islam and the Left movement” by Dr K. K. Usman, “Minority politics in times of globalisation” by C. K. Abdul Azees and other talks.