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‘Come up with steps to meet threats being faced by Kannada language’

‘This is not the time for the university to think of funds and wait for government’s permission’

‘Plan to set up a full-fledged department for development of software in Kannada’

HAMPI: Well-known playwright and the first Vice-Chancellor of Kannada University Chandrashekar Kambara has underlined the need for the university to work as a “watchdog” in view of the threats Kannada language and culture are facing and come up with steps to meet them.

Delivering the 18th “Nudi Habba” (convocation) address on the university campus here on Wednesday, Mr. Kambara said that the university, established to propagate Kannada language in all spheres, had to achieve the goal especially when the language was facing the onslaught of cultural invasion owing to globalisation and there was a conflict between choosing English and Kannada as medium of instruction.

Dr. Kambara said that visual media was also posing a major threat. Neither standard Kannada nor regional Kannada was being used in the visual media, he said, and added, “therefore it is imperative that the university establish a centre to study such problems and threats posed to the language and caution the public and the Government from time to time.”


“This is not the time for the university to think of funds and wait for permission from the Government. Within the available resources, the university should take the initiative of preparing syllabi in Kannada. There are teachers to teach students in Kannada medium, and later the respective boards will come forward to adapt the same,” he said.

Development of software in Kannada was another important area where the university had to concentrate, he said, and added that it should plan to set up a full-fledged department for the purpose.


Dr. Kambara emphasised the need for the university to accord priority to establishing a separate department for preparing and publishing dictionaries. “There is an urgent need for lexicons at the government level. The university can take the lead in this regard,” he added.