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The book is about the killing of four persons in Khairlanji

BANGALORE: The Kannada translation of Anand Teltumbde’s book, “Khairlanji: A strange and bitter crop” was released here on Saturday.

The book revolves around the killing of four persons on September 29, 2006 at Khairlanji village in Bhandara district of Maharashtra allegedly by fellow villagers. “We should have an attitude that rises above the caste system,” the editor of the journal, Samvada, Indudhar Honnapura, said after releasing the Kannada translation.

He said that after Independence “whatever atrocities have been committed on Dalits have not been committed by Brahmins.”

Anand Teltumbde said: “Problems related to caste are spreading. We have failed to think in a new perspective. What saddens me is that even the Dalits have a short memory; they have forgotten the Khairlanji episode.”

The publisher of the book, Gauri Lankesh, spoke.