‘Forest wealth is being looted in the State'

MYSORE: Kannada activists on Wednesday supported the ban on movement of vehicles at night through the Bandipur National Park (BNP) and urged the Government enforce it permanently.

The activists, who gathered here under the banner of the Kannada Chaluvali Kendra Samiti, said that the State Government should not be influenced by the vested interest groups which were trying to get the ban revoked.


The activists, who carried the posters of wild animals, said that the day was not far away when the future generation would be content viewing wildlife only in calendars and photographs.

They said the forest wealth was being looted and the State was being divested of its forests and jungles and would ring the death knell for wildlife in the region. The activists said timber smugglers and poachers pressured the State Government to get the ban revoked. The authorities should not give in to such pressures, they added.