Jyothi Raj leaves all spellbound

Jyothi Raj climbing the clock tower in Hubli on Friday.  

The visitors at Moorusavir Math were in for a surprise here on Friday afternoon when they saw a man climbing the ‘gadiyara gopura’ (clock tower) without harness.

And as soon as they realised that it was Jyothi Raj from Chitradurga, they cheered and clapped.

While shutterbugs started taking pictures, crowds swelled blocking the junction.

For Jyothi Raj, now nicknamed Koti Raj, climbing walls as high as 300 feet without harness has become a daily chore. And as usual, he didn’t disappoint the cheering crowd.

Rubbing the magnesium carbonate powder on his palms for grip, he made use of the tiny holds and crevices on the stone wall to reach the dome of the clock tower in just over 15 minutes. Mr. Raj was in Hubli on Friday to participate in a felicitation function. He was among over 10 persons from different walks of life to be felicitated.

After he climbed down from the clock tower, enthusiastic fans took him around on their shoulders. While several congratulated him for his feat, some thanked him for fishing out the bodies of three persons from Hubli who had fallen to death at Jog Falls recently.

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