Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: The Junior Doctors' Association has welcomed the State Government's decision of increasing the stipend and reducing the tuition fee from 2006-07.

A press release issued here on Wednesday, said the demand to increase the stipend had been pending for long. It said the stipend had been increased from Rs. 3,960 to Rs. 6,000 for interns, from Rs. 6,595 to Rs. 11,000 for postgraduate students and from Rs. 6,595 to Rs. 13,000 for MCH/DH students.

The release said following the demand by students, the tuition fee had been reduced from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 20,000 from 2006-07. Likewise, the hostel rent had been brought down from 10 per cent of the stipend to Rs. 500 per annum.