: Panaji Civil Judge Senior Division Kshama Joshi on Tuesday imposed costs of Rs. 300 on the former Advocate-General Subodh Kantak in the Rs. 15-crore defamation case filed by him against activist lawyer Aires Rodrigues.

Dismissing Mr. Kantak’s application to summon Law Department Section Officer S. Kumar as a witness, Ms. Joshi ruled that Mr. Kantak’s application was very vague as it did not state the purpose why the witness was required and why his name did not figure in the list of witnesses earlier submitted.

Declining to issue the summons, the judge directed Mr. Kantak to pay Mr. Rodrigues Rs. 300 by way of costs for the isuue.

On March 19 the judge had imposed costs of Rs. 200 on Mr. Kantak for seeking an adjournment in the defamation case.

Earlier, demanding that costs be imposed, Mr. Rodrigues submitted that Mr. Kantak’s conduct could not be accepted, more so because he is a Senior Counsel and a former Advocate-General.

After the activist lawyer highlighted the exorbitant fees being paid to the Advocate-General by the earlier government, Mr. Kantak in 2008 initiated two defamation cases against Mr. Rodrigues.

One case from the JMFC’s Court moved to the High Court and later to the Supreme Court, which was dismissed by the JMFC when Mr. Kantak failed to appear in court after being fined on several occasions for his absence by then JMFC Edgar Fernandes.

In the present case pending before Ms. Joshi, Mr. Kantak has sought Rs.15 crore by way of compensation for defamation from Mr. Rodrigues.

Mr. Kantak, who had been accused by Mr. Rodrigues of being the country’s highest paid Advocate-General, was paid over Rs. 5 crore by way of fees over a period of five years.

  • Subodh Kantak had sought Rs.15 crore

    as compensation for defamation

  • Activist lawyer had highlighted the exorbitant fees being paid to Kantak