Special Correspondent

CHICKABALLAPUR: The Shidlaghatta Town police in Chickaballapur district on Tuesday arrested a journalist who allegedly sent a false news report through e-mail to two local dailies in the name of a reporter working for those publications.

The police gave the name of the arrested person as Veerapura Manjunath, Shidlaghatta taluk stringer of a leading Kannada daily.

He was released on personal bail. The Shidlaghatta police took the assistance of experts from the Cyber Crime Police Station in Bangalore and traced the suspect.

According to the police, Manjunath allegedly created an e-mail account in the name of another journalist K.V. Mune Gowda who works as a stringer for two local dailies published from Kolar and another regional Kannada daily.

About two months ago, Manjunath allegedly sent a false news report from an Internet cafe, using the e-mail account he had created in the name of Mr. Mune Gowda, to the local dailies.

The two dailies published the report that a Congress leader from Shidlaghatta taluk visited China as part of a farmers’ delegation using a “fake visa,” the police said.

The Congress leader, who was angered by the publication of the false report, took Mr. Mune Gowda to task for sending an untrue report and damaging his reputation. Subsequently, Mr. Mune Gowda lodged a complaint with the Shidlaghatta Town police.

Differences among two groups of local journalists are said to have led to the incident, the police said.