Says neither Modi nor Rahul have people’s confidence

President of the State unit of the Janata Dal(United) M.P. Nada Gowda has predicted that the Lok Sabha election would throw up a hung parliament.

“Both the Congress lead United Progressive Alliance and Bharatiya Janata Party lead National Democratic Alliance will not get majority necessary to form government in the Centre. The regional political parties will play significant role in the national politics in coming days,” he said at a press conference in the city on Wednesday.

He said that, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi whom the BJP has declared as its Prime Ministerial candidate and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi will fail to win the confidence of the people.

Referring to irregularities in allocation of 2G Spectrum, coal blocks reported during the UPA rule, he said that, UPA leaders have amassed huge money by blatantly misusing power. The BJP is not in the position to take advantage of the misdeeds of the Congress. He said that, the decision by BJP to appoint Mr. Modi who failed to check communal riots in Gujarat, as its election panel chief forced JD(U) to severe ties with NDA.

He said that, the non-Congress and non-BJP parties would win more than 250 seats in the Lok Sabha election.

Replying to a query he said that, JD(U) would take a decision on fielding candidates for Lok Sabha election in Karnataka after consulting the district unit leaders of the party.

JD(U) leaders B. Dharmappa and Manjula Devi were present.