The Central Sericulture Research and Training Institute (CSR & TI) has provided know-how for a natural, coloured yarn for RmKV Silks’ Divya Shilpa collection.

According to B.B. Bindroo, Director, CSR & TI, the weave is a first-of-its-kind innovation by the institute with raw material coming straight from the silkworm itself and no external dye being used later on the yarn.

“Scientists at our institute conducted hundreds of trials for several years before arriving at this unique expertise validated and patented by the NRDC,” he said.

The process has the silk worm in its fifth stage of development being fed with mulberry leaves dipped in eco-friendly Xanthine dye, says Mr. Bindroo.

“Within a few weeks, the silk worm gets ripened with the gland oozing out coloured silk filaments. The trial tests have yielded favourable results with no harm inflicted on the worms in any way. Xanthine, in its organic synthesis, when consumed by silk worms produced pink yarn that had colour fastening properties too.”

Eco-friendly process

He remarked that the process was eco-friendly as it produced no hazardous wastes. “This proves a potent first step in the production of natural, coloured silk yarn, devoid of external dyes,” he explained.