Staff Correspondent

At least 50 truckloads of poll publicity

material removed

They have launched ‘operation clean city’

MYSORE: Workers of Mysore City Corporation (MCC), including pourakarmikas and those hired by contractors handling the recently launched door-to-door collection and disposal of garbage here, are working overtime to remove publicity material displayed all over the city by the candidates who contested the just-concluded elections to MCC.

Workers of political parties had displayed publicity material such as banners, buntings, hoardings, flags and posters all over the city.

‘Operation clean city’

This has made the task difficult for the MCC workers who launched “operation clean city” to remove the publicity material on Saturday.

Acting on special instructions from the officials of corporation, the workers removed over 50 to 60 truckloads of election-related publicity material since morning. Till 3:30 p.m. they were found removing the material from all over the city.

MCC Health Officer Nagaraj said, “They are on the job and will remove election publicity material by Sunday afternoon.”

He told The Hindu that the pourakarmikas and the contractors had been told to clear the publicity material from all the 65 wards by Sunday.

The corporation had put curbs on indiscriminate display of publicity material and defacement of heritage locations by such material.

From the day one of the election notification, the administration of the corporation had taken steps against disorderly and indiscriminate display of publicity material in the city by the candidates. Before displaying banners, buntings and posters, the candidates were supposed to obtain permission from the corporation by paying the prescribed fee.

The MCC had removed publicity material displayed illegally here without giving a notice to the candidates or their parties on the first few days of the notification.