Third edition of Raagavalli series to be dedicated to Raagamaalika

In the Raagavalli series that Ananya has been bringing out, the third and final will be dedicated to Raagamaalika, conducted by Shatavadhani R. Ganesh, with kritis rendered by Ranjani Vasuki.

The first two sessions were devoted to Tillanas and Padams.

The accent and highlight of Raagavalli has not just been the showcasing of variety kritis or other compositions to inform the public of the existing assortment in the classical genre, says Dr. Ganesh, who holds a masters in Sanskrit and a doctorate in Kannada.

“Although we have a documentation of the multiplicity of ragas, talas and compositions, there are aspects of ragaanubhaava that one needs to understand in a healthy perspective. Raga, tala and sahitya cannot be separately appreciated in a composition. We are trying to inform our connoisseurs that the quality of each of these facets is something that would help classify compositions for their gradations. One such is the good sahitya, the relevance of accurate lyrical and poetical thoughts that helps enliven a composition set in a garland of ragas, Raagamaalika, which will be explained with demonstrations.”


Dr. Ganesh is singularly involved in reviving the art of Avadhana (literary multitasking) and is known for his extempore composition of poetry.

Lyrical poetry

He is a Carnatic vocal student of Nagavalli Nagaraj and has composed a range of lyrical poetry and set them in basic tune (ragas).

His guru embellishes them with all the filigree of sangatis and swaras and opens them up in layers for enriching the raga, tala and sahitya experience. “I don’t appreciate the flow of contemporary lyrics, as most have nothing profound and intense to offer, be it in their grammatical makeup, meaning or the aesthetic embedding. I hate to judge, but bringing a meaning to every aspect of creativity is what I think every musician and composer should be aware about,” says Dr. Ganesh.

Explaining his offer at Raagavalli- Raagamaalika, he says he will showcase his compositions in Hindustani ragas such as Darbari, Pahadi and Maaru Behag which have not been attempted before.

Raagavalli – Raagamaalika is on March 31, 10 a.m. Ananya Sabhangana, 4th Main Malleswaram.

Ananya’s Raagavalli ends with Raagamaalika tomorrow