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Bangalore: “He was very friendly. I even shared with him my mobile phone for listening songs. I never expected Anees to drug me,” said Taufiq Kamal Nagavkar, one of the six passengers who were robbed of their valuables in Bangalore-bound Udyan Express on Wednesday.

Mr. Nagavkar told The Hindu that Anees boarded the train along with his friend from Mumbai on Tuesday. “Anees was sitting next to me on seat number 39, while his friend was on seat number 67. Both often were meeting each other.”

Anees brought about four soft drink packets just before the train reached Yadgir station.

The juice was offered to him and another traveller Ashok K. Prajapati.

“We fell asleep. I realised about the loss of my mobile phones when the train reached Bangalore,” he said.

Another victim, Chandrakanth Ananth Puranik, who was coming from Mumbai, said he was drugged by Anees’s friend seated next to him.

“I did not consume much as I am diabetic. Rizwan Naseh, who was sitting next to me, drank without any inhibition.”

The juice was offered to other passengers too, he added. Mr. Puranik said he felt uneasy and was indisposed when the train reached Bangalore.

Chain missing

The same was the state of five other passengers who had consumed the juice. “It was here that I realised that my gold chain has gone missing,” Mr. Puranik said.

Based on the description given by the victims, the City Railway police have prepared sketches of the persons involved in the theft.

They have sent blood samples of the victims for chemical examination.

The police are yet to make an estimate of the articles lost by the six passengers.