The Cave (English)

Cast: Cole Hauser, Piper Perabo

Director: Bruce Hunt

YES THIS movie is super derivative. The characters are woefully underdeveloped. The cre-atures are hardly scary, looking like sadder versions of the wicked aliens that troubled Sgt. Ripley through her many journeys through space. But there is a "oh well, what the hell" feeling about the movie that allows you to giggle through the film's mercifully short duration.

Shot on location in Bucharest and the Yucatan (can you handle that?), the film is about underwater explorers who are called in to check out a network of caves that has been sealed for 30 years.

Down they go and quickly realise that they are not alone and there are horrid bloodthirsty creatures out to get them.

Director Bruce Hunt, who assisted on the "Matrix" movies and the mind-bending "Dark City" offers a thriller that has cavernous holes as far as plot, editing and character development go. But if you are not a claustrophobic person, the film quite contrarily has a feel-good factor as you can warmly greet the creatures and genre rules as old friends right down to the thread leaving an opening for a sequel!

Mini Anthikad-Chhibber