Farmers of Thanjavur district have alleged malpractices in the co-operative elections being held in Thanjavur district and appealed to the district administration to ensure a free and fair poll. They demanded supply of three-phase power continuously for agricultural pumpsets and in villages so that drinking water could be pumped into overhead tanks.

Highlighting these two issues, they wore black badges and attended the monthly farmers grievances day meeting at the collectorate. They contested the statement of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company (Tangedco) that three-phase supply was being given for three hours during the day and for three hours at night in the district.

They said that this statement made at the meeting is contrary to truth as three-phase supply was not given even for two hours a day. However, Tangedco engineers admitted that there may be shortfall in three-phase supply whenever there was problem in wind energy generation.

K. Baskaran, Collector, who presided over the meeting, said that samba crop was raised on 1,02,939 hectares of land and thaladi on 19,003 hectares of land this year in the district. Harvest had been completed. Average yield was 4,511 kg a hectare. During this summer season, paddy was being cultivated on 4,834 hectares of land. It had been planned to build 5,000 farm ponds in the district. Beneficiaries had been selected for 4,998 farm ponds.

It had been planned to conduct “Uzhavar Vizhas” in 759 revenue villages. So far, these had been held in 223 villages. Blackgram seeds were now being distributed for cultivation. There was a stock of 160 tonnes of ADT 5 and ADT 3 blackgram seeds at the agriculture extension centres.


There was a stock of 3,822 tonnes of urea, 6,323 tonnes of di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) and 1,484 tonnes of potash and 2,476 tonnes of complex fertilizers in the co-operative and private institutions.