Frustrated over the inconsistent behaviour of his son, a 75-year-old man attacked his son with a machete in Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi on Tuesday night.

The accused, Sridhar Murthy, a practising advocate in the city, was booked for attempt to murder.

According to the police, Murthy was living with his son, Jayaram (35), a high school drop out and a divorcee. Jayaram was an alcoholic and used to demand money from his father.

On Tuesday, they argued when Murthy refused to give him money. Jayaram tried to attack his father with a machete, but he slipped and fell. Murthy then wielded the machete and attacked Jayaram in a fit of rage, injuring him severely. He, however, managed to rush to the police station and filed a complaint against his father. Jayaram was later taken to Victoria Hospital where he is being treated. Based on the complaint, the Basavanagudi police arrested Murthy.