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The subjects were Manmohan Singh, Sonia

BANGALORE: Two Iranians are among the winners of the International Manmohan Singh-Sonia Gandhi Caricature Contest for their caricatures of the Prime Minister, it was announced here Tuesday.

Vahid Jafri from Tehran and Salam Mohammadi from the Kurdistan Province won the first and second prizes from among 625 entries in the competition organised by the Indian Institute of Cartoonists in collaboration with the V.R. Deshpande Memorial Trust.

While Mr. Jafri had the Prime Minister’s turban rested on a very large, bumpy head and with the bulges of his face heavily accentuated, Mr. Mohammadi’s caricature was a shrunk cartoon with Dr. Singh looking like an underwater creature, his eyebrows streaming wildly in the air, outlandishly big spectacles and his turban hovering over his head, though still supported by his ears.

The third place went to Sandeep Adhwaryu from the Outlook magazine, New Delhi, who depicted Dr. Singh as a despondent figure in red and blue, with a large, bulbous head, wearing a turban filled with cartoon characters — presumably politicians.

An Asoka chakra is pinned to the top of his turban. The consolation prizes were won by Alan Souto Maior from Brazil, Junior Lopez, Brazil and Prashant Nair from Bangalore.

Sonia caricatures

A gigantic Sonia Gandhi plonked in a miniature train folding out on both sides, surrounded by a set of obsequious people, created by B.N. Biswal of Nagpur, has won the first place in the Sonia Gandhi caricature contest.

Satish Sringeri of Bangalore, who replaced the face of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa with that of Ms. Gandhi, won the second prize while the Bulgarian Valentine Georgin, who had a blue sketch of a placid Ms. Gandhi on plain white, won the third prize. The consolation prizes went to Ravi Pujari from Bangalore, Rituparno Maity from Howrah, West Bengal, and Shankar Pamarthy, Hyderabad.

The first prize carries a cash award of Rs. 1 lakh, the second Rs. 50,000 and the third Rs. 10,000. Consolation prize winners will get Rs. 5,000. The contest received over 120 entries from abroad.