: Programmes like the continuous legal education, which allows junior lawyers to interact with seniors and improve their understanding of the nuances of the law, must be held not just in the capital cities, but at the district level and also at the taluk levels,” said A.P. Lavande, Judge at the Bombay High Court, in his inaugural speech at a two-day Continuous Legal Education Programme (CLEP) organised by the Bar Council of Maharashta and Goa (BCMG) on the premises of the High Court of Bombay at Goa in the city on Saturday.

The theme for the conference is ‘Developing Skill of Advocacy’ and has seen participation of about 250 lawyers.

Today, the job of an advocate has become very difficult, as every day, hundreds of thousands of laws, primary and subordinate legislations are passed, and lawyers find it extremely difficult to keep themselves abreast with these provisions. As a result, it becomes difficult for them, especially juniors, to render service to a client, said Mr. Lawande.

“If we are serious about developing skills of advocacy and judging, then programmes like the CLEP are an absolute imperative,” said M.S. Sonak, judge, High Court, Bombay, speaking as guest of honour.

“Today we live in an age of specialisation, and specialisation is all about knowing more about less. In a state like Goa, this might seem out of bounds, however, specialisation, however small, is both advisable and achievable,” Mr. Sonak said.

“Lawyers should strive to achieve mastery, this should be their forte. If there is any case in Goa on that subject, the name of that lawyer should spring to the mind. Of course, lawyers will have to deal with other subjects as well, but specialisation will be a source of tremendous confidence,” he said.

Earlier, Mr. Lavande along with Mr. Sonak, Advocate-General of Maharashta D.J. Khambatta, Advocate-General of Goa A.N. S. Nadkarni inaugurated the CLEP and also the Indian Advocates Multi-State Multipurpose Cooperative Society branch here in the presence of Law Secretary of Goa Pramod Kamat, Chairman BCMG Pramod Patil, Vice-Chairman, BCMG, Vipin Bendale, Member of Bar Council of India (BCI) Satish Deshmukh.

Earlier, the Advocate-General of Goa, A.N.S. Nadkarni, who was also the chief coordinator of the programme, spoke about challenges in the profession and cautioned young lawyers that judicial time was very precious. He, therefore, welcomed the training programme as an excellent step taken by the Council.