Brikesh Singh and James North, activists at Greenpeace India, an environment NGO, shared their experiences on the concluding day of the national-level media fest “Article-19” organised by the Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC) here on Saturday.

Mr. North, Digital Media Manager at Greenpeace India, explained the important role played by internet in spreading awareness and creating large-scale movements. Mr. Singh, who had climbed the roof of the British Parliament in the U.K. to spread awareness on climate change, shed light on various activities of Greenpeace in India and around the world.

Shruti Ajit, a third year MIC student, who had interned at Greenpeace, shared her experiences. This gave the audience a first-person perspective on the inner workings of the organisation. Speaking on “Photography as a way of life”, Raj Lalwani, feature writer and photographer for “Better Photography” magazine, said “It is not the moment that is in picture. It is the various moments that have led up to the picture.”

He explained the technical terms of photography through practical examples. Expressing his philosophy on what defined a picture, he said, “The world is in front of you, how you interpret that world defines your picture.”

Mr. Lalwani announced the winners of “Master Shot”, a photography competition organised in association with Better Photography for Manipal University. The winners were Rishabh Raghavan and Lijo Thampy, both students of MIC. Their photographs will be published in Better Photography. The fest ended with the Express Awards function, in which delegates from colleges across the country were given trophies and cash prizes for excelling in ten competitions related to media.

  • ‘The world is in front of you, how you interpret that world defines your picture'

  • Winners of ‘Master Shot' are Rishabh Raghavan and Lijo Thampy