B.R. Ananthan, Vice-Chancellor of Rani Channamma University, Belgaum, said Indians, who were proving to be successful in all fields, should not forget their cultural roots after achieving success.

Speaking at Rashtrothana Vidyalaya here on Friday, Mr. Ananthan, who was critical about parents imposing their dreams upon children, said parents should allow children to study what they like and shape a career according to their inclination. He said the duty of a parent did not end with admitting children to the best schools. Parents should make sure their children were on the right path. Apart from imparting education, it was necessary to kindle spiritualism among children. Spiritualism adds colours to knowledge, he said.

Swami Anndaneeshawara said education should inculcate politeness in a person along with knowledge. Education should encourage students to do good for society, he said.