Fast food and junk food are the main causes for the growing problems such as obesity and diabetes. To ensure good health, Indians have to stop consuming fast food and maintain a healthy diet, said senior physician and diabetologist B. Srinivas Kakkillaya.

He was delivering a special talk on ‘Prevention of diabetes’ at a programme organised at the Karnatak Vidyavardhakh Sangha (KVS) here on Sunday.

Dr. Kakkillaya said there was a need to ban fast food and junk food, but governments across the world were unable to do so mainly due to the multi-national company (MNC) lobby.

The World Health Organisation had submitted a report to the U.S. to completely ban refined sugar items particularly near schools. However, the U.S. rejected the report citing that the research works were improper. However, Dr. Kakkilaya said that the MNCs that were selling junk food and soft drinks were controlling their respective governments, hence no government was able to ban these products. The only way out for people was to stop consuming unhealthy food on their own. Cautioning against the growth in use of refined sugar and fast food in India, Dr. Kakkilaya said it would certainly lead to major health problems in near future. In India, on an average, a person consumes 50 kg of sugar every year. These people have the risk of becoming diabetic at the age of 40. Today, eating ice cream has become a fashion and due to glamorous advertisements by multi-national companies, parents and children throng the malls to purchase ice creams. However, a cup of ice cream has more than 2,300 calories which cannot be burnt by the body. This leads to obesity. Along with consumption of junk food, less physical work too was contributing to health problems. Diabetes is growing at a faster pace in India and soon India would be considered as the ‘diabetes capital’, said Dr. Kakkillaya.

Food items, particularly rice, wheat, jowar, skimmed milk, refined oil and the like have large quantity of sugar in them and when consumed, increase the glucose content in the body. People consuming these items are prone to diabetes. Hence, people should bring in changes in their food habits and consume eggs, lean meat, sprouts, green leafy vegetables, fish and use fish oil or coconut oil for cooking purposes. These items contain large quantities of proteins which can be easily digested by the body and also prevents increase in glucose.

Fish oil and coconut oil have Omega-3 which is very much essential for the human body. So, people should follow healthy food habits to live a long and disease-free life.

  • ‘Avoid junk food’

  • ‘Eat protein-rich food’


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