Authorities urged to provide civic amenities in industrial area

The Mysore District Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Association has urged the authorities to develop facilities at the Mysore industrial area to entice investors.

The association has submitted a set of demands for incorporation in the budgetary proposals of both the State Government and the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB).

“The authorities should take up development and improvement of the 6,500 acres of industrial area by providing civic amenities such as street lighting, water supply and drainage system apart from widening the existing roads,” the association said and demanded an allocation of Rs. 75 crore for the purpose.

In a bid to minimise commuting time between Bangalore and Mysore, the association has sought construction of a helipad to cater to industries at Metagalli, Hootagalli, Belagola, Koorgalli, Belawadi and Anaganahalli. Drawing attention to KIADB regulations that facilities should be provided for solid waste management in industrial areas, the association has demanded development of solid waste management facility on a 20-acre plot at Koorgalli.

The association has demanded an allocation of Rs. 10 crore for overhauling the water supply network, including replacement of motors and pump sets reckoned to be over 30 years old, in the industrial area.

Cluster development

General secretary of the association Suresh Kumar Jain said emphasis should be on cluster development and zoning of industrial areas to facilitate their orderly development and growth under categories such as electronics, software, textiles, food, chemical and granite.

The association called for strict compliance of rules and regulations to prevent speculative investments in industrial sites for conversion of land into non-industrial purposesand suggested that whenever new land was acquired for industrial areas, 30 per cent be reserved for micro industries, 30 per cent for SSIs, 20 per cent for medium industries and 30 per cent for large industries.

It also demanded Rs. 50 crore towards the construction of a state-of-the-art business convention centre in the industrial area. Mr. Jain said the set of demands submitted by the association was common to both the State Government's and the KIADB's budgets.

  • Helipad sought to cater to industries' needs

  • ‘Rs. 10 crore needed for overhauling water supply network in the industrial area'