Even as cities are increasingly turning into concrete jungles, one of their most important and beautiful inhabitants are fleeing to find suitable habitats elsewhere.

‘Bird on the wire', an exhibition of a series of paintings by Kolkata-based Debabrata Hazra aims to be a reminder of this precarious scenario.


In the artist's own words, “Apart from being beautiful and decorative, birds perform other roles.

“Fragile and highly responsive to any change in their habitat, they serve as one of the best environmental indicators.

Their presence anywhere speaks volumes about the environment — whether all is well or there is something amiss.” Though he currently lives in Kolkata, the artist spent his childhood in Kharagpur amidst a variety of birds and trees.

Since then, Mr. Hazra's art has been heavily influenced by these wild muses.

“I have a world of my own — the world of birds and flowers, a world where spring is everlasting. I spent the initial years of my life in Kharagpur, where trees outnumbered humans, where the bright yellow oriole or the rich green-blue barbet left the deepest impression on my visual memory — it is this bond with nature that I continue to express through my work,” says Mr. Hazra.

The exhibition is on at Kynkyny Art, Kynkyny Home, 104 Embassy Square, Infantry Road, till March 18.