13 mining leaseholders in district under cloud

The focus of illegal mining has now shifted to Tumkur district. The Department of Mines and Geology has found encroachment and illegal iron ore mining by 13 mining leaseholders in the district.

Disclosing this to presspersons, National Committee for Protection of Natural Resources (NCPNR) president S.R. Hiremath here on Wednesday said proceedings of the meeting conducted on March 4, 2011, under the chairmanship of Secretary, Department of Commerce and Industries, had pointed out encroachment and illegal mining by 13 leaseholders.

According to a document released by Mr. Hiremath, a joint survey by the Revenue and Mines and Geology departments confirmed violations by lease holders: Canara Minerals, MSR Gupta, Matha Minerals, S. Sudarshan Singh, Latha Mining Company, B.R. Surendra Nath Singh, Balaji Produce Company, B.R. Dayanath Singh, M. Upendran, Tumkur Minerals, Teja Works, Hanuman Mines and Karnataka Mining Company. These companies have encroached upon 93.40 acres of land.

Notice issued

A notice issued by an official of the Director of Department of Mines and Geology to Matha Minerals on March 26, 2011, said that the mining lease granted to the company on the boundaries of Kondli and Mudalapalya villages of Gubbi taluk in Tumkur district, was surveyed and inspected by the Deputy Director, Department of Land Records, officials of the departments of Forest and Mines and Geology on August 2 and 3, 2010.


During the survey it was found that the company had not maintained the border stones and lines and had violated rules under Section 27 (1) (g).

The company had also encroached upon government land adjacent to the leased area.

It was also confirmed that the company was dumping solid waste in the encroached area and had violated norms.

As it had trespassed on 37.30 acres of land at penalty of Rs. 9.43 lakh was imposed and it was asked to pay a royalty of Rs. 62,922 for illegally mining 6.29 lakh tonnes of ore.

The company was asked to clear the solid waste dumped beyond leased area and directed against mining beyond the leased mining area.


The lease holders had also been asked to pay Rs.16 lakh in 30 days of the receipt of the notice and was directed to install concrete pillars to identify the border stones, besides intermediate stones as per the plan sanctioned during the joint survey, Mr. Hiremath said.

  • Department of Mines and Geology finds encroachment, illegal mining by 13 firms
  • ‘Joint survey by Revenue, Mines and Geology departments confirms violations'