Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: The Indian Institute of Science, in response to a statement made by Science and Technology Minister Basavaraj Horatti, clarified on Saturday that "terrorists firing at the campus of the IISc. was restricted to one geographical location, which is in the vicinity of the J.N. Tata Auditorium". In a press release, the IISc. said: "The building of the Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, which is referred to in the report, is an IISc. building, a part of which houses the KSCST office and is maintained by the IISc. The KSCST is a body whose Executive Committee is chaired by the Director of IISc. and co-chaired by the Minister for Finance of the Government of Karnataka. The statement attributed to the Minister that `neither the police nor the staff of the institute had spoken of the firing that took place at other places' is incorrect. All the buildings affected are located within a few yards of each other and are the property of the institute."