Minister for Higher Education and Tourism R.V. Deshpande has said that the Deputy Commissioners of the three coastal districts have been asked to identify areas along the coast that can be developed as tourist attractions.

“The officials have been instructed to talk to various stakeholders and send a report. The areas should satisfy the seven parameters mentioned by the Swaminathan Committee,” he said and added that there can be a relaxation of the Coastal Regulatory Zone Rules if these parameters are met.

As Karnataka has failed to attract international tourists in large numbers, Mr. Deshpande said: “Apart from low publicity to tourist spots here, the State suffers from bad infrastructure. Our priority is to develop infrastructure, including roads and toilets. Building resorts is something that is left to the private sector,” he said.

Efforts will be made to increase air traffic at the airports at Mysore, Belgaum, Mangalore and Torangal (Bellary) to attract more international tourists, he said.