Congress MLC from Gulbarga, Allama Prabhu Patil, on Wednesday denied allegations of claiming reimbursement from the government for availing treatment for hair loss. It was reported in a section of the press that Mr. Patil claimed a whopping bill of Rs.1.25 lakh for hair-loss treatment, and submitted the bill to the government for reimbursement

Addressing presspersons, he clarified that neither had he undergone hair-loss treatment, nor had he sought reimbursement of the bill.

He was suffering from chronic episodic urticaria — a skin ailment, and he was treated for it. The health institution which treated him for the ailment also treats patients for hair loss and hair weaving. This led to the misunderstanding, Mr. Patil clarified.

The MLC said that following reports in the media, people from his constituency had started enquiring about his hair-weaving treatment, and it was embarrassing him. “There is no need for me to get hair transplanted at the age of 58. The treatment cost for my serious skin disorder has been submitted to the government,” he said. Mr. Patil said that he was pained by the development, and he has decided against claiming the bill. “In future too, I won’t claim any bills for my health-related treatment,” he added.

Upset by allegations, he has decided against claiming reimbursement for medical bills henceforth