Staff Correspondent

`General transfers were closed on May 30'

CHITRADURGA: Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Basavaraj Horatti has said that the Government will not entertain any further transfer of teachers and that general transfers were closed on May 30.

He told reporters here on Saturday that the department had received over 32,000 applications for transfers from teachers. He said he had examined over 13,000 applications. Of the 32,000 applications, 16,000 had been disposed off. There was scope for modification in transfers if there were any specific reason like less number of teachers in any school, Mr. Horatti added.

While effecting the transfers, care had been taken to see that no school would run short of teachers, he said.

The Government might permit voluntary organisations provide mid-day meals in schools if they had the infrastructure needed. He said he failed to understand why some trade unions were up against such a proposal. Cabiet expansion had been postponed owing to many reasons, including the legislative council elections. It would The Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister would take it up in the next few days.