Whatever we know about our country is what the West has written about us, and we have come to believe it as it has been told to us repeatedly for the last 200 years, writer Balagangadhar S.N. said here on Sunday.

Mr. Balagangadhar, a lecturer at Ghent University, Belgium, was speaking during a seminar on “The de-colonisation of Indian social sciences” organised by Mahesh P.U. College and Centre for the Study of Local Cultures, Kuvempu University. What was accepted as scientific knowledge today in Indian social sciences was nothing but an uncritical reliance on traveloguesand bureaucratic documents, which were the “experiences” of westerners with the people of this region, and throughout Asia, Mr. Balagangadhar said. Therefore, Indian people knew almost nothing about themselves.

He said all the isms in India such as Hinduism, Shaivism, Veerashaivism, did not exist here but in the American universities.