Legal Correspondent

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday stayed the arrest of Srichandrakant Baddi and S. Raju, who were directed to be arrested by the Karnataka High Court under the State Goondas Act.

A Bench of Justice B.P. Singh and Justice H.S. Bedi, after hearing counsel K.K. Mani, stayed the March 30 order of the High Court directing the arrest of the two petitioners to serve the remaining period of preventive detention.

The petitioners said they were detained under the Goondas Act. This was challenged in the Karnataka High Court, which in its judgment of September 1, 2004, quashed the preventive detention orders issued against them.

However, the police filed review petitions and the High Court not only allowed the review but also directed their re-arrest to serve the remaining period of detention. The special leave petitions are directed against these judgments.