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The lower court has been directed to dispose of suit by December 31

  • Some persons are claiming ownership of a portion of the land behind Doordarshan Kendra
  • According to records, the 613 acres of land, belonging to the Maharaja of Mysore was transferred to the Ministry of Defence after Independence

    BANGALORE: The Karnataka High Court on Monday directed a lower court to dispose of by December 31, 2006, a suit between the Army authorities and some persons claiming ownership of lands behind the Doordarshan Kendra in J.C. Nagar, Bangalore.

    Justice H. Billappa also ordered both the parties to maintain status quo on the lands.

    Some persons, claiming to be owners of the lands, had approached the High Court against the order of a lower court in Bangalore declining to grant an injunction against the authorities from going ahead with the construction of houses for Defence personnel under married accommodation complex scheme.

    According to records, 613 acres behind Doordarshan Kendra belonged to the Maharaja of Mysore. After Independence, the land was transferred to the Ministry of Defence.

    In 1981, the land was given to various Defence units and establishments. The Prime Minister had promised to construct 500 houses for Defence personnel on 18 acres located behind Doordarshan Kendra.

    The petitioners said the land on which the houses were scheduled to come up was theirs and that they had been granted a portion of the land in 1954.

    They said they had approached a city court seeking injunction against alienating the land. When there was no relief they moved the High Court urging it to stay the construction of the houses and also ensure status quo. Justice Billappa ordered the parties to maintain status quo and asked the lower court to expeditiously dispose off the suit.

    Civil suit

    The Army said on Monday that the 0.45-acre defence land on Cubbon Road was back in its possession in 1990 after a court ruling went against the then lessee who had filed a civil suit in the City Civil Court.

    According to a press release, the property, with an entrance from Cubbon Road in front of Lobo Hotel (now Universal Trading Company) was given on lease to M. Hayees in 1925 for five years.

    "The property was given on lease to different parties till 1979, when the Army terminated the lease. B.S. Gill, the then lessee, instead of handing over the said land back to the Army for its use, filed a civil suit in the City Civil Court. The court ruling went against him," the release said.