What are the options for students who score marks below their expectations in the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examination?

Not many are aware of the ‘betterment of results’ scheme, where students can write the exams again.

Dev Prakash, Director, Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board, said that only 38 students opted for a re-exam under this scheme in 2013. The numbers have generally remained between 30 and 40 over the years, he said.

This scheme is applicable to those who pass all subjects in the SSLC exams, but seek to improve their marks. Students can choose to take up the exam again by surrendering the old marks card.

They should also give an undertaking that they will not enrol in any college in the meanwhile, as per the provisions of the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board Act, 1966.

“In case the student’s marks do not improve or he fails in the second attempt, the previous results will be held valid,” said Mr. Prakash.

Students can opt for a re-exam within two years of the first attempt, he said.

Mr. Prakash said not many students opt for it as they think they can make it up in the pre-university.