A crucial witness in the murder of film and television actor Hemashree (33) has told the Hebbal police she was already dead before she was brought to his resort in Anantapur last Tuesday.

Murali, the resort owner and friend of the prime suspect, Hemashree’s husband Surendra Babu (52), is learnt to have told the police he became acquainted with Mr. Babu as they belonged to the same community.

Police sources said the caretaker, Mahesh, informed Mr. Murali that Hemashree was carried into the room at the resort. The caretaker said Mr. Babu arrived in his car and sought his help to carry her to the room. With his driver, Satish, also pitching in, the trio carried Hemashree into the room.

Noticing Hemashree’s limp body, Mr. Mahesh informed his employer who, in turn, called Mr. Babu and advised him to take his wife to the hospital, following which the husband and the driver carried her back to the car and drove off.

Attempt to contact

According to sources, Mr. Babu had tried to call Mr. Murali seeking a room in his resort earlier in the day but could not reach him. He later called Krishna, a common friend, who conveyed the message that Mr. Babu wanted to rest for a few hours as he was on his way to Hyderabad. Mr. Murali, in turn, called up the caretaker and arranged the room.

Meanwhile, the Hebbal police took Mr. Babu to the resort for spot investigations and recorded Mr. Murali’s statement. However, the driver, Satish, a key link in the case, is on the run.

Forensic report

The police are also awaiting the forensic report to corroborate various theories, including the motive and the place of the crime.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) H.S. Revanna, who is supervising the investigations, refused to give any details.

On Saturday, Hemashree’s sister Roopashree addressed the media to clarify on certain speculations doing the rounds.

  • Surendra Babu taken to the resort for spot investigations

  • His driver, Satish, a key link in the case, is on the run