Special Correspondent

GULBARGA: Heavy rainfall in the district in the past 24 hours has revived the hopes of farmers of a good kharif season.

Sowing which had come to a standstill in the past one month due to failure of rains, began in full swing from Thursday.

Agriculture and Revenue Department officials said that all the ten taluks in the district received widespread rainfall and the district recorded an average of 32 mm rainfall, with Sedam taluk receiving the highest rainfall with 68.8 mm.

Agriculture Department officials told The Hindu that sowing operations had been revived in many parts of the district.

So far, sowing has been completed only in 1.54 lakh hectares of land of the total target of 8.33 lakh hectares.

The rain will also help give a new lease of life to the standing crops which are withering.

The predictions of the Meteorological Department were that the region was likely to get good rainfall in the coming days and this would augur well for the farmers to complete sowing of red gram, which is the main crop of the district.

So far sowing of red gram has been completed in 72,579 hectares of land, of the total of 3.22 lakh hectares.

According to the projections of the Agriculture Department, the area under red gram cultivation will easily cross 4 lakh hectares of land this year.