Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: The power of meditation has been well documented. But few have gone into its scientific aspects. One of them is Swami Sukhabodhananda, founder-chairman of Prasanna Trust. He regularly conducts life programmes and self-development workshops based on spiritual inputs from the East and the West. The methodologies adopted include interactive enquiry, group dynamics, games, meditation and balancing of the "Nava Rasas."

Here is what he has to say about worries: "Worry has become a habit for many. An inner energy that is not creative keeps on going in circles of worry. A doctor does not cure illness but allows the healing process within to surface by giving it the right condition. So too, the true healer to your problems exists within you. But you have to give it a right condition to flower."

On self-confidence, he points to the three pillars of "feeling good," "taking responsibility" and "developing skills." "There are both healthy ways and unhealthy ways to feel good. One should develop the discipline to feel good in a healthy way.

The quality of one's life is the quality of one's consistent feeling."

The true meaning of renunciation, he says, is not renouncing the world but bondage.

"When bondage is renounced then there is freedom. In freedom lies intelligence. It is not just discipline but true freedom. Freedom is not something devoid of order, but it is a flowering of order," says the swami. For more information on the trust and his views, call 9343772553.