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Bacterial infection is caused by poor handling of the lens

For lens careWash your hands before handling lensesClean the lens case every three daysChange the solution every three daysDon't wear lenses if there is irritation in the eye

BANGALORE: Eye infections among contact lens users are going up because of poor maintenance of lenses, say ophthalmologists.

Arun Sampranthi, consultant ophthalmologist at Narayana Nethralaya, says that he sees at least three persons every week with contact lens infection. In most cases, the bacterial infection is caused by poor handling of the contact lens and improper maintenance, he says.

Those with contact lens infection usually suffer from redness, irritation, and pain in the eye, and occasionally has blurring of the cornea. Dr. Sampranthi says that when one has these symptoms, one should stop wearing contact lens until the infection is brought under control. "There are chances of re-infections or worsening condition, if the persons wear the lens when the symptoms have not been treated," Dr. Sampranthi says.

Ophthalmologist K. Ravi says contact lens wearers should stick to the schedule given by the doctor. They should always wash their hands with soap and water before handling the lenses. The lenses should always be cleaned only with the prescribed solution, he adds.