They threaten to field rebel candidates unless parties comply

Leaders of the Halumatha and Ganiga communities have threatened to field rebel candidates if political parties fail to offer ticket to their representatives.

Members of both communities have complained that major political parties had ignored them while selecting candidates for the Assembly elections.

Representatives from both communities held separate press conferences here on Wednesday.

The District Ganiga Samaja Sangha said the Congress had not considered any Ganiga leader for party ticket, while members of the Halumatha community accused all the political parties of neglecting them.


“We have been cheated by the Congress, which had promised to give ticket to at least one candidate from the Ganiga community, even though our community has a significant presence in the district. This has disappointed us very much,” said the former MLC and prominent Ganiga leader B.G. Patil.

Accusing the Congress of using the community as a vote bank, he said the community would not only campaign against the Congress, but would also field rebel candidates in the elections if the Congress failed to give ticket to at least one Ganiga candidate.


The Congress, which claims to provide social justice, has not upheld its promise to the Ganiga community, the former MLC said.

Stating that the party had lost several seats in the previous Assembly elections because it did not offer ticket to any Ganiga representative, Mr. Patil claimed the party would lose again if their demand was not heeded.


At the press conference organised by members of the Halumatha community, Mallanna Shirshad, community leader, said they had asked all the major parties for ticket, but none had shown any interest.

Leaders from the community had met prominent members of political parties, such as B.S. Yeddyurappa of the Karnataka Janata Paksha, Siddaramaiah of the Congress, H.D. Kumaraswamy of the Janata Dal (Secular) and Jagadish Shettar of the Bharatiya Janata Party, seeking party ticket for a Halumatha candidate to contest from Indi, Sindagi, or Muddebihal taluks.

“All the leaders only gave assurances, which they have not fulfilled yet,” Mr. Shirshad said.

If their candidates were denied ticket, the community will field its own candidates in all eight constituencies of the district, the Halumatha leader stated.

  • ‘Congress did not consider any Ganiga leader

    for party ticket’

  • All the leaders only gave assurances, which they have not fulfilled yet: Halumatha representative