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It is an asset to the people of Mysore, says Chaturvedi

The lake was earlier revived with funding from the Asian Bank of Development Environmentalists termed the beautification 'cosmetic and human centric' The lake is a biodiversity hotspot and attracts migratory birds

MYSORE: The Kukkarahalli Lake in the city, which was in the news owing to increase in pollution levels, may get a new lease of life as Governor Chaturvedi has expressed interest in its conservation.

The lake, which is located in the heart of the city and vested with the University of Mysore, was revived with funding from the Asian Development Bank. It became a popular spot for locals and tourists and was a paradise for walkers.

However, the cosmetic beautification began to show after a few years and the lake is now a cesspool of polluted water and there have been reports of bird deaths in its vicinity recently.

Mr. Chaturvedi referred to the state of the Kukkarahalli Lake while laying the foundation stone for new infrastructure facilities at Manasagangotri campus here on Monday. He described it as an "asset, not only of the University of Mysore but also the people of Mysore" and said that he will speak to local authorities to maintain it properly. "Whatever needs to be done for its conservation should be done," Mr. Chaturvedi said.

Lung space

Kukkarahalli Lake is considered an important 'lung space' in Mysore. It is also a biodiversity hot spot and over 200 species of birds are known to roost here during season. The lake also attracts a large number of rare and exotic species of migratory birds.

Along with Karanji Lake, which was rejuvenated by Mysore Zoo, Kukkarahalli Lake is among the five lakes in the city, which has added to the city's beauty and is believed to have inspired poet laureate Kuvempu.

Though nearly Rs. 91 lakhs was spent on its beautification, environmentalists had decried the "human centric" development and termed the exercise "cosmetic".

According to them, the lake was deprived off fresh water inflow as the feeder channels were fully encroached upon. The Governor's interest in Kukkarahalli Lake's conservation may result in attempts to revive it.