The State Government's denotification of Prasanna Sri Subrahmanya Temple in Ramanathapura in Arakalgudu taluk in favour of Sri Samputa Narasimha Math in Subrahmanya has generated a fresh controversy. The Government denotified the temple despite Arakalgudu tahsildar's report that there were no records to show that the temple belonged to the math.

Earlier, the Bharatiya Janata Party Government had attracted criticism from different sections of society for denotifying Krishna Math in Udupi and Mahabaleshwara Temple in Gokarna. Now it is the turn of Prasanna Sri Subrahmanya Temple. The math has claimed that the temple was built by the 14th pontiff, Sri Vibhudesha Teertha in the 17th Century. Since then, the temple had been under the supervision of the math and it was wrongly notified as Muzrai temple in 2003.

The temple was notified under the Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Act 1997 in the special gazette in April 2003. The Government, in its latest order dated August 16, 2011, denotified the temple and handed it over to the Sri Samputa Narasimha Math, which had been claiming ownership of the temple.

Prior to this, the Government had sought the clarification from Arakalgudu tahsildar. The tahsildar's report, a copy of which is available with The Hindu , states that there is no record to show that the temple belonged to the math. The maintenance grant released by the Muzrai Department had been received by the supervisor of the temple since 1976-77. Besides, the supervisor received special grant for Rathotsava till 2007. The tahsildar's report said there were no records to prove how and when the temple's administration was handed over to the math.

It said the temple supervisor, Anant Krishnachar, in his statement had said that so far hundi collections had not been kept in any bank but that the hundi was opened in the presence of swami of the math and the collection handed over to him.