Special Correspondent

`It was proposed to put an end to trend of teachers posted in Hyderabad- Karnataka region seeking transfers'

GULBARGA: Former Minister and president of the Hyderabad-Karnataka Horata Samiti Vaijnath Patil has accused the Government of yielding to pressure from legislators of Old Mysore region and giving up the proposal to introduce a Bill regulating transfer of teachers posted in government schools.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Mr. Patil said that the Government had proposed to introduce a Bill making it compulsory for all newly appointed teachers to work at least 5 years in the place they are posted before seeking a district to district transfer.

This was aimed at ending the practice of teachers, especially from Old Mysore region, posted in the educationally backward Hyderabad- Karnataka region using their political influence to get transferred to their original districts.

Frequent transfers were leading to staff shortage in government schools, and the State Government had decided to introduce a Bill to regulate the transfer policy for teachers.

Mr. Patil said that the Government had now gone back on its promise by succumbing to pressure from legislators from south Karnataka districts.

Mr. Patil said that he could not raise the issue in the Assembly owing to disruptions and adjournments. He wanted to seek an amendment to make it mandatory to make divisional level recruitments of primary school teachers instead of State-level recruitment.